Useless Resistance
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  • Useless Resistance
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  • Katsuya Masuda
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  • $50.75


The magician spreads a deck of cards face up. Then he squares the deck and spreads it face down. The performer

turns around and a spectator chooses a card among the spread. Without looking at its face, the spectator hides

the card and squares the deck. The performer turns to the spectators and puts the deck into the card case.

He takes out a piece of paper and place it on the card case. Then he writes a prediction on the paper using the

card case held in his hand as a hard surface. When he finishes writing, he folds the paper and place it on the table

in full view. The spectator produces the card he selected and shows its face.

The paper is unfolded to show that the prediction matches the selected card.


Includes gimmick Bicycle deck box, gimmick Bicycle deck of cards and instruction sheet.