Stealth Deck
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The new generation of marked deck.


The spectator remembers one card from the shuffled deck and put it back face down, and square it up by himself.

During this the magician is looking away all the time.

Therefs no clue to find the selection from any angle, but the magician can tell the name of the selection without

touching the deck.


You can normally use this deck as a regular, and it can be a great help in extreme situation. That is gStealth Deck.h

You might be bored to hear this phrase gYou can normally use the deck as regularc,h but Stealth Deck is completely

different. No matter how hard the spectator examine it, even if s/he is a magician, it is impossible to find out its secret.

The deck has 52 cards, and you can handle them really well as the regular deck. Therefs no rough-and-smooth or

something like that. Moreover before and after your performance, the deck can be completely examined by spectator.

This secret is not only very smart but also innovative way of marking the deck.

The typical marked decks are:

-Quite hard to see and read it.

-the marking will be moved or changed when you riffle the deck so spectator can tell.

- you need to see the back therefore it limits the way of using.

There are many limitations so far. However, Stealth Deck solves all these problems with the brand-new way.

When you see this secret, I bet you will scream gWOW!h. The basic handling and the special routine that the magician

can find the card under the impossible situation are fully explained with detail in the instruction. When you perform

card magic as a regular deck and you want to do something really strong at the endc Stealth Deck is your buddy.

Stealth Deck is the secret weapon for all magicians. Have fun with it.