Stealth Deck Ver.1.2
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Exclusive for Ver.1.2 customers! : Video instruction is available at the bottom of this page.

A fateful meeting of the ultimate marked deck and the ultimate method.


A performer looks away from the audience, and asks one of the viewers to shuffle the deck.

The performer tells the same person to choose one card, put it back in the middle of the deck turning its face down,

then to immobilise the deck with a rubber band, put it in a glass, and hold it in hands.

The performer covers the glass with a handkerchief, and reads the chosen card without being able to see the deck.


Stealth Deck is the ultimate marked deck.

We often hear something like gThis marked deck also works as the regular deck.h

However, Stealth Deck is on a different level.

No matter how closely the deck is investigated, even a magician cannot catch its secret.

All cards are completely set, and it feels just like using the regular deck.

Up to now, with conventional marked decks, it has been difficult for many performers to handle because the marks are too subtle and are only on the back side of each card.

Stealth Deck solves the problem with a whole new way.

When you find out the secret, you will not be able to help but raise your voice in amazement.

Now, the deck has become even more magical by applying Mr. Maricfs amazing method.

From the beginning to the ending, the performer never even touches the deck because it will always be in one of the viewersf hands.

This is a highly practical method since it can be viewed from many different angles, and also be performed without a table.

All props can be investigated before AND after the performance.

This is truly beyond magic.

Please enjoy Stealth Deck as your new killer technique.

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