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  • KYOTO Deck
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  • Yuji Murakami
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  • $54.00
KYOTO Deck is a magician fooler that has
twenty ways of forcing a card.


A deck is shown to be well mixed then shuffled. The deck is handed to a spectator and shuffled by him/her.

The spectator stops shuffling at any time, and deals cards one at a time. Then he stops dealing at any point he/she likes.

The card he/she stopped dealing is a force card.

This deck utilizes a simple but subtle principle. There is no need to memorize lots of things.

KYOTO Deck can be used by itself as a mental magic or in conjunction with routines that require a force.


DVD includes as many as twenty handlings, and how to make your performance more effective.

We believe that you will find your favorite handling among them. No difficult sleights are needed.

You can use this deck in a surrounded situation. Not a rough & smooth deck.