Collaboration Cube
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  • Collaboration Cube
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  • Akira Fujii & Hideki Tani
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Akira Fujii, who is universally famous for gThe greatest professional slight of hand artist

in Japanh and Hideki Tani, who advocates the principle of climax-ism, both magicians are

titled the winners of Atsukawa Award.

One with incredible slight of hand talent, while the other is the trick creator, this Rubik's

Cube magic is created by the collaboration of those two magicians with totally different

but remarkable talents. Though the routine contains unexpected surprise coming with

laugh and sucker tricks, but this trick can be done easily.


The magician shows the all faces of scrambled Rubik's Cube and says, gI will solve this cube in a momenth.

As he says, the magician solves the cube but the audience laughs because of his unimaginably unique method.

(You can finish the act in this phase if you are the comic magician.)

The magician scrambles the solved cube again, and says, gI'll solve all the faces in 10 secondsh.

As the audience gives the countdown, the magician desperately spins the cube to solve, however he/she fails.

While disappointing mood fades in, the magician asserts that he/she has solved the puzzle.

Surrounded by the strange looks from the audience, the magician picks up the other cube stayed on the side of the

table and shows that the entire color scheme matches each other.

Then the magician says, gwell, I would like to solve the cube to finish anywayh, and start shaking the cube horizontally

with one hand. Unbelievably, the cube starts completing, and the magician finish the act with the solved cube.

(You can hand the cube to the audience to check.)


The audience would be amazed when they realize that the first little joke provides the clue to the following matching

effect. Also, this act gives the performance a chance to involve the whole audience by asking them to countdown

together. As you see, this routine has been composed very well, but each technique used is also created greatly.

Especially, gFalse Scrambleh by Akira Fujii can be applied to any of the tricks with Rubik's Cube.

The trick that has been inquired to commercialize many times by the magicians who have seen the performance is

now on sale!!


Special Gimmick, Cube Puzzle (A regular Cube puzzle which fits properly to the gimmick), Explanation DVD (with live

performance video)

The DVD does not instruct how to solve the unintentionally scrambled Rubik's Cube. Purchase official books for

solutions if needed.

There is the QR code for performance video provided in the outer package of the DVD.

We recommend checking the video first, before you reveal the trick for yourself.