Birthday Surprise Christmas ver.
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  • Birthday Surprise Christmas ver.
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A face of gaff card.


gHave you ever noticed that there is a Christmas card hidden in a deck?h Says a performer and picks up a card.

The card has an illustration of Christmas wreath on its front. Then the performer starts to list random things

which reminds us of Christmas. When he comes to the end of the list and says ga Christmas cake,h you find

a Christmas cake has appeared on the card he had picked in the beginning.


This is a Christmas-featured gaff card which uses the same theory as Birthday Surprise. Anyone can enjoy this

very Christmaslike card magic easily, and even add their original and fancy direction.

This magic can also work as a great way to give a greeting card. You can write message on the side with pop-up

Christmas cake, and it will become a memorable Christmas gift.


This product contents an original 3D gaff card and a basic instructional notes only.

A Bicycle Rider back is required for a demonstration.